Thursday, May 27, 2010

Night drive

Got out of the office so late that all I had time to do is take these pictures,I think they came out kind of cool :)


  1. They look like little ufos with pointy wings. Don't you love driving when you have the road all to yourself? : )

  2. Having the road to my self is one of my favorite things! specially at 3am everything is so peaceful. I often pull over get my camera out and take pictures of the empty streets. Last night I saw this mexican restaurant called "Tapatio" and their sign (the one that hangs on top of the restaurant) had a few letters turned off so the sign read: "patio" I quickly stop to take a picture but a cop came out from behind a bush and stared me down for a few seconds waiting to see what I was doing so I took a quick picture (that didn't come out good! X( ) then drove off. Thats the one bad thing about driving late at night the cops are waiting for someone to cross their paths.